Non-Sequiturs: 04.05.12

First of all, Eamonn Walker is just a bad-ass black actor that more people should know about. Second: Lord of War is an awesome movie.

* Being our most honest law school apparently doesn’t protect school administrators from the ire of Professor Paul Campos. [Inside the Law School Scam]

* You can’t will the death of your pets. [Chicago Tribune]

* Somebody needs to get these mutherf**king snakes off these mutherf**king planes. No, seriously, I’m not making a joke or anything. [Washington Post]

* Dirty secret time: Lord of War is one of my favorite Nic Cage movies. Even more dirty secret time: I have a list of favorite Nic Cage movies that has multiple entries. [International Business Times]

* My, it’s not just the Fifth Circuit that is engaging in breathless hyperbole about Obama’s admonishment to the Supreme Court. [Truth on the Market]

* Honestly, why are so many states afraid of having their own citizens vote? [Election Law Weekly]

* A fascinating look at how we access the web. [Ross’s Law Marketing Blog]

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