Non-Sequiturs: 04.13.12

* Wait, you can give cops the finger in the United States and not go to jail like you do in Dubai? Why was I not told about this? [Legal Juice]

* This is a kind of interesting idea for some moral campaign finance reform, but I have a better one: Limit. Individual. Contributions. [Volokh Conspiracy]

* The DOJ/Apple fight is really fascinating. I wonder if the Tea Party would consider supporting the Attorney General as he… sorry, yes, yes, Eric Holder is still black. [Forbes]

* Will top law schools have to lower their standards as top LSAT performers flee? [LSAT Blog]

* The well-dressed groper of Manhattan has allegedly been identified. He thinks that man is me, he knew him at a glance. That stranger he has found, that man could be my chance. [Dealbreaker]

* The jails in my old hood were so terrible, I never want to go back. J/K, I’ve never been to freaking jail! I did call jail once, to taunt an old bully who used to beat me up. ‘Cause he was in jail, and I am not. Good times. He doesn’t get out until, like, 2015… which seemed much further away back when I was in college. [Underdog]

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