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Allegedly Lusty Legal Ladies: Updates on Reema Bajaj and Madam Justice Lori Douglas

Madam Justice Lori Douglas

Just like Bill Clinton, Justice Douglas is the subject of a sexual harassment investigation. As you’ll recall, the sex scandal involving the luscious Monica Lewinsky — do you miss her as much as I do? — probably would never have happened if not for the sexual harassment case brought by Paula Jones.

As reported by CBC News, a complaint alleging sexual harassment and discrimination on the part of Lori Douglas, based on events that allegedly took place before she took the bench, will be heard by the Canadian Judicial Council. The hearing is currently scheduled for May 19 in Winnipeg. (We won’t rehash the allegations made by Alex Chapman, the complainant, but you can read about them in our prior posts if you like.)

What has Justice Douglas been up to since Chapman’s allegations first came to light? As explained by the Winnipeg Free Press, she is still a judge, but has been on leave from hearing cases since August 2010 — coming up on two years.

Many other judges might have stepped down under the glare of the scandal spotlight. But Justice Douglas has hung in there — and good for her, I say. As we’ve discussed before in these pages, the real fault here lies with her husband, fellow lawyer Jack King (who pleaded guilty to professional misconduct charges).

Justice Douglas allowed her husband to take kinky photos of her; there’s no crime in that. Let he (or she) who is without a sex tape or racy photos cast the first stone. It was Jack King who later posted the kinky photos of Lori Douglas to the web, without his wife’s knowledge or consent.

As Canadian columnist Margaret Wente wrote, “Lori Douglas’s only crime was to choose an unstable spouse, and have sex with him. If that’s enough to lose your job, then a large proportion of our judiciary should be removed.”

Indeed. Take it from an American: you do not want to start impeaching people for having sex.

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