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Comment of the Week: The Art Of The Backhanded Compliment

Sure, sometimes the comments are rough, but they’re often funny, even when we are the subjects of mean jokes. We here at Above the Law have thick skins.

But we do like compliments, and we’ll take them anywhere we can get them.

The winner of this week’s Comment of the Week contest is a two-parter. The first comment was the ultimate backhanded compliment, while the follow-up was more like a “closed fist upside your head” compliment….

I pulled the Comment of the Week from the post on Rutgers Law’s questionable advertising practices, and the response from Dean Rayman Solomon.

The very first comment on that post was a nice one. Kind of:

I’m being serious here – this was actually a good post by Mystal.

Oh, why thank you. I’m being serious here — I actually think this commenter might be a decent person.

The follow-up commenter, on the other hand:


Sometimes the Walrus finds a conjoined donut in the box and it inspires him to write well.

Whatever, tough guy. Everybody knows you’ll be spending your Memorial Day weekend piling barbeque onto purple plastic plates and stuffing your face, just like everybody else.

Including me. Because grilling is fun and BBQ is delicious. Sorry, what were we talking about?

Oh yeah, T-shirts. Send in your details via email, winning commenters, and we will send out your T-shirt (and maintain your anonymity, of course).

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