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Dewey & LeBoeuf: A Visual Essay
(Or: Dewey know what Steve DiCarmine looks like?)

As you may recall, Steve DiCarmine wielded extraordinary power at Dewey, even though he was not a partner of the firm and not a practicing lawyer. (You can review the highlights of his résumé here.)

Many of our readers have sent blame and anger in DiCarmine’s direction. But DiCarmine has his defenders, and it’s important to hear from them as well. For example, in case you missed this when we appended it as an update to our earlier post, a former partner had this to say:

My personal opinion is that this whole Office of the Chair was a mistake. If Steve Davis and Steve DiCarmine had remained at the helm, the Firm would have survived. The inexperienced partners who took over the Firm… have run down the Firm to its knees. They have no experience in managing a crisis and the events of the last few weeks have proven that. They will be held accountable for their failure and, by focusing probes and investigations on Davis and DiCarmine, they are trying to deflect the attention on their (and the executive committee members’) failure.

Here’s praise for DiCarmine from a second source, another former D&L attorney:

I actually think he is really smart and a very effective manager. I know, that seems to be an odd statement given the firm’s implosion, [but he is] one of the most interesting people I know….

[It’s] always just fascinating to talk to him about any number of subjects. Love him or hate him, there is no denying that he is very charismatic, and, yes, very tan. We always give him a hard time about that and he swears its from spending weekends sitting on his car out in the Hamptons.

(The Hamptons? What, no place on Fire Island?)

A third firm alumnus — Mahbod Moghadam (named here with his permission), the ex-legacy LeBoeuf lawyer who now runs the successful website Rap Genius (where you can learn the meaning of inscrutable rap lyrics) — praised DiCarmine in these terms:

DiCarmine was a total pimp — goes to the gym 6 times a week! Everybody at the firm was on his nuts, whereas [ex-chairman Steve] Davis was seen as an out-of-touch nerd.

DiCarmine’s devotion to physical fitness shows. I have to say, for someone who graduated college in 1978, Steve DiCarmine looks amazing. Check him out:

Steve, if you ever want to have drinks after this whole craziness is over, drop me a line.

Dewey have some things in common? Totally. 😉

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