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Dewey & LeBoeuf: A Visual Essay (Part 1)

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Here at Above the Law, we have given you many thousands of words about the troubles of Dewey & LeBoeuf. See, e.g., this lengthy post about the firm’s former leaders, ex-chairman Steven Davis and former executive director Stephen DiCarmine.

Now we bring you some pictures. As it turns out, the possible demise of Dewey has inspired the creation of art.

Keep reading, and check out the images below for a forthcoming portrait of former chairman Steven Davis, a chilling photograph, and an unfortunate D&L advertisement….

Ever wish you were stuck in an elevator with Steven Davis? Well, now’s your chance to tell him what you really think.

Our sister site Dealbreaker thinks that this guy is the “greatest painter of our time,” but what do they know? You can judge for yourself because Geoffrey Raymond, the artist known for his annotated paintings of the machers of Wall Street, has turned his attention to Dewey & LeBoeuf.

Raymond will be standing outside 1301 Avenue of the Americas today and tomorrow with a portrait of Steven H. Davis and a handful of magic markers. He’ll be inviting passers-by to scrawl on the painting whatever they might want to share with Davis but never got the chance to say. D&L employees get blue markers; everybody else gets black.

Not in the neighborhood? Feel free to pass along your annotation in the comments section of this post. The artist will dutifully inscribe on the painting — and provide a signed print to whoever leaves the best annotation in the comments (as determined by the Above the Law editors).

Here’s how the Steve Davis painting looks right now, without comments on it yet (click to enlarge):

Here’s what Raymond shared with us about the portrait:

It got a bit impressionistic on me. But I’ll share one story with you:

Picasso paints Gertrude Stein. When he delivers the painting, she says, “It doesn’t look like me.”

“It will,” he replies.

Likewise with “The Former Chairman.” Once I get 300 comments scrawled all over the thing, it’ll look just like him.

So enter your proposed annotations in the comments to this post — and perhaps you’ll be the winner of a signed print.

One of Raymond’s most famous paintings is The Annotated Fuld, a portrait of the infamous Dick Fuld, former CEO of now-defunct Lehman Brothers. As it turns out, having their former leaders painted by Geoff Raymond isn’t the only thing that Dewey and Lehman share in common….

(hidden for your protection)

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