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Holy Moley, We Heard From Jim Foley (In Case You Forgot, He’s Running For Judge in the City of Oly)

At the end of last week, I wrote about an interesting campaign video for Jim Foley, an attorney running for a state judge position in Olympia, Washington. At first I wasn’t sure what I thought about it — was it ridiculous, or awesome, or both? But the longer the video’s rap hook stays in my head, the more sure I am of how great it is.

So, imagine our pleasant surprise here at ATL when we got an email over the weekend from Jim Foley himself. He provided a couple of interesting details about his campaign ad: who’s the mysterious rapping woman? Who were the boys sharing his delicious stew? What exactly are the lyrics to the song?

Keep reading to learn all this and more…

Foley graduated from University of Puget Sound School of Law (now Seattle University School of Law) in 1990. He was at one point the attorney for several Washington ports, as well as the City Attorney city of Raymond, Washington. These days he has his own criminal law practice.

Here’s what Mr. Foley wrote to us:

I am glad you found my ad so amusing. I was really trying to go for something upbeat and different, something that showed Judges are regular people too.

The Song was written and preformed by my daughter; she is a schoolteacher in Taiwan. The boys in the video are my son, Finn (the blond), and his pal.

If you want to learn all about me you can check out the Voters Pamphlet next week, or email me and I will send you some boring stuff about my qualifications.

Or just listen to the rap, it tells the story best.

A few commenters have asked how to donate to Foley’s campaign. For the time being, he says to hang onto your cash:

I have spent about $14,000 (my own money) on my campaign so far. I am not taking donations unless I make it through the Primary election which is August 7, 2012.

We’ve reposted the video, as well as the full lyrics, on the next page…

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