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New York February Bar Exam Results Released Under Cloak Of Darkness

The results of the February New York bar exam are available for private look-up.

They’ve actually been available for nine hours. If you didn’t know that, it’s because the New York State Board of Law Examiners decided to release this crucial information at midnight last night/this morning.

Who does that? Well, remember that a couple of years ago the NY BOLE accidentally released the results for full public viewing and then pulled it back. This is not an organization that has its act together.

In any event, let’s check out some of the late night reactions to the bar results…

If you haven’t checked yet, here’s the private look-up link.

Obviously, midnight is not the best time to find out this information. As one tipster put it:

At least I got good news in the middle of the night. I pity the poor souls who got told at 12:15 am that they have to retake the exam.

The February results are always fun, mainly because we’re dealing with a lot of people who have already failed this bad boy once. Add in the fact that the results came out late when a bunch of people were either drunk or loopy, and let’s just say the “texts from last night” were pretty fun.

And sexual:

Nothing like seeing your bar results *after* you finished with online porn.

Raped by New York again.

Can’t decide whether to eat or drink my pain.

It wasn’t all bad news. But even the people who passed seemed a little annoyed about how they found out.

I passed the New York State Bar! And the only person I can talk about it with right now is you. Not exactly how I pictured this moment.

Pity my friend, I was playing Star Wars when he sent this text, and didn’t respond until twenty minutes ago.

Congratulations, February bar passers. And if you failed, don’t worry, you’ll probably have more fun passing this thing in July.

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