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You Should Probably Get Out of Adam Reposa’s Way

Adam “Bulletproof” Reposa is an attorney in Austin, Texas. Editor emeritus Kashmir Hill covered his, how shall we say, unorthodox activities quite a bit a few years ago.

Most notably, he was held in contempt for making a “simulated masturbatory gesture” at a judge with whom he disagreed.

There is a new video out featuring Reposa. It’s hilarious. The video is quite subtle. But I think the main message is if you stand in his way in court, he will run you over with his pickup truck….

Kash sent us the following email:

WTF. Adam Reposa has gone crazy.

And then attached this video. I don’t disagree that insanity is a possibility:

If for some reason you can’t watch this at work… I’m sorry. Potential mental illness aside, this is SO COOL. Why wouldn’t you hire a lawyer with a maniacal Texan Fu Manchu who rams his massive pickup into another car for no reason while screaming incoherently about something vaguely related to being an attorney and (literally) smashing people who are “in his way.” America, f**k yeah.

Okay, I can see why he might not be my first choice for representation. But I would go drinking with this dude in a second. Some of the comments on the YouTube page are pretty funny. Several people claim to know him and speak highly of his personality and ball playing skills, as well as his lawyering. One commenter writes, “Hes [sic] gotten me off two cases. No lie. Plus, he went to jail for making masturbatory gestures to a judge so he gets extra points.”

Whatever gets the job done! (That’s what she said.)

Reposa clearly has quite a sense of humor, but all joking aside, if you look at his website, it appears his criminal defense practice actually isn’t too shabby. Is it weird that somehow I feel like Reposa would get along really well with Brian Tannebaum?

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