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Comment of the Week: Prostitution Plea of the Week

The Reema Bajaj story has been highly entertaining. The amount of lewd comments, jokes, and puns that can be made about a lawyers and prostitution is endless. I mean, lawyers are kind of like prostitutes in the best of times.

Here, during the worst of times, it sure feels like the difference between servicing a client for $100 and being a prostitute is nil.

And if there is something that a lawyer is doing to make money, you know her law school will try to take credit in some way…

This week’s comment of the week imagines how Reema Bajaj’s law school reacted to her guilty plea. It’s from our initial post about her plea:

Upon finding out that Reema was paid $100 for sex, Northern Illinois University College of Law immediately updated Ms. Bajaj’s status as “employed.”

At least, I think this is an imagination.

You know the drill, tell us where to send your T-shirt, commenter “Grimes.”

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