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Comment of the Week: Your SCOTUS Comments Weren’t In The Right Format

I assumed that the comment of the week this week would come from the news that Justice Roberts turned into Severus Snape and saved Obamacare.

There have been some hilarious things said about the Obamacare decision, and Buzzfeed captured the 25 funniest tweets. I even got off a couple of nice one liners. Popehat is running a whole competition for the most outrageous rage reaction from the Obamacare decision.

But the comments on Above the Law were kind of… tame. I mean, there was a lot of making fun of CNN and the usual number of people who are still butthurt that Obama is the president, but there wasn’t a lot of insight, and very little was funny. The comment with the most likes was BL1Y’s:

Why is Obama waging a war on poor people with this incredibly regressive tax?

That’s pretty good. But the general dearth of good comments in the thread made me look elsewhere for the Comment of the Week this week….

Last week, LeBron James got his ring. This week, Learned Paw gets his T-shirt.

Early in the week, we wrote a story about some people at Maryland Law getting kicked out of their law review competition because they submitted their materials in the wrong format. Paw told them not to worry because we all know what format they’ll end up in:

Don’t feel bad, .docx dudes. Think of all the extra free time you’ll have because you won’t be spending the school year fact checking and source gathering like your .doc friends who made law review. Besides, in two years, all .docx and .doc law review applicants will be converted to the same format anyway: .unemployed.

Nice, I particularly like how he eventually makes fun of everybody at the University of Maryland, but makes you wait for it.

Well done, claim your prize.

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