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Inside Straight: Cravath Summer Bonuses!?

Don’t read this post again! It would be unbearable.

I’m unabashedly doing two things with this post:

First, I’m serving my purpose: My new book has been published! Here’s a link to the ABA Web Store’s page for Inside Straight: Advice About Lawyering, In-House And Out, That Only The Internet Can Provide.

Second, I’m serving David Lat’s purpose: Above the Law becomes more valuable when readers click through links and read multiple pages of text. I’ve therefore hidden the information about Cravath’s summer bonuses (if any) behind this link…

Are you kidding me? Have I ever posted a word about bonuses at this column? If ATL heard anything about law firm bonuses, do you really think that information would come first to me? And do you think we’d wait until the next Monday or Thursday (when my columns appear) to post that information? Surely you jest.

But did I mention that the new Inside Straight book contains not just the best of my columns, but also the best (and worst) of your comments appended to those columns? My columns may lead the discussion, but your voices provide the debate: law students, disaffected young associates, satisfied senior partners, business folks, judges, and others all joined to criticize, critique, or add perspective to my ideas. It’s not just a book; it’s a cacophony!

If you don’t care about my book, and you’d rather see pictures of naked judges, then you’re in luck! There’s some small chance that I’ve published those pictures behind this next link…

(hidden for your protection)

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