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Student Wants Facebook Friends To Know He’s Better Than Them

One of the nice things about gunners is that they can’t help themselves. You never wonder, “Oh, is that dude a self-important gunner or a reasonable person?” Gunners like to out themselves. That’s why you can play Bingo with them.

Earlier this week, a tipster sent us in the Facebook status of a law student who feels undervalued by his school’s system of class rank. The school will tell you if you are in the top 10%, but won’t go higher than that (i.e., if you’re actually in the top 5%, it’ll still just say top 10% on your transcript).

You can imagine that fact bothering a number of people in the fiercely competitive environment of law school. But bitching about it on Facebook has that fun head-up-your-ass aroma that makes gunners so special….

Multiple tipsters forwarded us a screen cap of this kid’s Facebook status update or told us about it textually. It’s kind of awesome when so many people want to make fun of a status update. Here’s the screen cap, with names and faces redacted to protect the innocent (click to enlarge):

Note that the student goes to Cardozo. One tipster said:

Kind of annoyed this jackass didn’t get into a better school than Cardozo.

Honestly, that’s a fair point. If you are killing it on normal difficulty, maybe you need to bump it up to Hell mode, or shut the hell up.

But this guy’s update is also a window into just how hard it is for current law students. Jobs are in such short supply that you feel like you need every possible edge to get one. I looked at this status message as an indication that Cardozo is not doing a great job of placing even the top 10% of its class into good jobs.

Well, it’s also an indication that this student is a “dickbag.” But I bet this Facebook status update isn’t the first indication he has given of that.

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