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Xtranormal Friday Fun

CSO officers are usually pretty hot.

It’s been a while since we had a good Xtranormal video. Everybody remembers the brilliant “So You Want To Go To Law School” video.

That video is a cautionary tale for people at the beginning of the law school process. But you don’t need to tell unemployed graduates that the “hilarity” of law school extends beyond your three years on campus.

We’ve go a funny little video about a recent graduate’s interaction with Career Services. One positive thing to look forward to is that most CSO administrators look as good in real life and they do in Lego-esque cartoon blocks…

The Law Librarian Blog pointed us to this video last Friday. It’s a funny spot as you head into your weekend:

Wouldn’t it be great if people watched these things before they went to law school? Meh, it probably wouldn’t matter. Prospective law students probably think this video is an exaggeration.

Friday Fun: Working Non-Stop to Help Law Grads to Find a Job in This Tough Market [Law Librarian Blog]

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