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Bar Exam Horror Stories: There Will Be Blood (and Power Outages)

If you are going to use an excuse for failing the bar exam, it better involve one of these.

The bar exam, Eli my boy. You see, you have a bar exam that is full of sorrows, and I have an internet connection that’s like a straw. You see, are you watching? My internet connection straw reaches across the country and starts to drink your tears milkshake. I drink your tear-shake. I drink it up!

Sorry, I’m not sure why I feel like a traveling oilman today, but I have spent some time drilling in the ATL Inbox for fun stories about things that happened during the first day of state bar exams.

There are some good ones floating around… and by “good,” I mean the kind of crap that will undoubtedly affect the performances of some test takers.

But hey, last year a woman went into labor and delivered her baby after the test and still passed. So I don’t want to hear any excuses — not even from the guy I’m about to tell you about, who had a seizure and had to be carried out on a stretcher….

During the Virginia bar exam, a test taker had a seizure, knocked into something, started bleeding everywhere, and had to be taken out on a stretcher. How’s that for a bar exam nightmare?

It sounds like a tough day for the guy who had the seizure, but the reactions of the many outweigh the horror for the few or the one. How did other people taking the bar exam react to this human drama playing out in front of them? One of our tipsters said this:

Guy had a seizure an hour into the exam. People barely looked up and just pretended like It wasn’t even happening.

Guy is ok. He showed up at the end of the day w 15 stitches and is trying to sit for the multi-state tomorrow.

Mmm… lawyers.

But while that reaction might be expected, and dare I say stereotypical, it wasn’t the only reaction. A different tipster had quite a different view of the day’s events:

Some dude had a seizure and started bleeding everywhere during the exam. It was pretty terrifying; everyone around him was shouting “call 911!” and a bunch of students stopped their exam to render medical assistance, which was one of the more selfless things I’ve ever seen. They actually ended up giving us extra time on the exam, which I never thought I’d see.

What would you have done? Stopped your test and helped the guy seizing in front of you, or block out the “distraction” and focus on the test?

Bar exam challenges don’t always come in the form of inconsiderate seizures. In fact, most exam duress is created by poorly run examinations, which is what happened to some students in North Carolina….

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