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Congratulations to All Bar Exam Finishers!
(And more horror stories from across the land.)

Is the bar exam like a rat race? Well, when there are actual rats in the building....

If you just completed the 2012 bar exam, congratulations. For many of you, the bar exam will be the last test you ever take in your life. How good does that feel?

Special congratulations to those of you who just emerged from three days of bar exam misery, either because you took the bar in a state with a three-day test or because you took the bar in two different states. I took the New York and New Jersey bar exams back to back — and I had to take New York up in Albany, which meant hours of driving with a fried mind — so I feel your pain.

Pain and the bar exam go hand in hand. Earlier this week, we shared with you bar exam horror stories from Virginia and North Carolina.

Today we have many more bar exam dispatches. Read on for stories of horror and heroism, reports of rodents and other creepy critters, and claims of shady behavior….

UPDATE (7/27/2012, 11 AM): Please note the UPDATE appended below regarding the Virginia bar exam.

Thanks to all of our readers who generously wrote in with accounts of their bar exam experiences. Let’s dive right in, starting in the heartland. From Minnesota:

We were taking it in an old theater in downtown St. Paul. First day it was pouring rain. I guess the roof was leaking, and after the exam started, it began dripping on some dude and his computer. He raised his flag and asked to move, and they told him that since we’d already started the exam, he was out of luck.

Also, apparently someone barfed a few rows behind a friend of mine. No word on whether she was pregnant or something. He was clueless, so it must not have smelled too bad.

Pregnant women and the bar exam are a winning combination. If puke lands on you, consider it good luck.

Dealing with your fellow humans is one thing. What about… other creatures? From Indiana:

Things went bat-crazy here in Indiana for the July 2012 bar exam. Several bar takers reported a live BAT the morning of the first day of the Indiana bar exam at the Indiana Convention Center. There were also reports of proctors trying to catch the bat – one tried to throw a cardboard box on top of it during the exam and no none of this was distracting at all (yeah right!)

Several bar-takers reported severe chiroptophobia (fear of bats) and were praying it was a bird in the exam room. Now that the bar exam is over, I think Indiana bar-takers would have preferred a visit from Christian Bale than from his mammal stand-in.

Alas, bats weren’t the only animals that interfered with the administration of this year’s bar exam. Let’s return to the states that gave rise to our original bar exam horror stories, Virginia and North Carolina….

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