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Courtney Love Litigation Potpourri

Courtney Love is many things to many people. Succubus, Golden Globe-nominated actress, rockstar in her own right, subject of several awesome post-grunge rock songs, and now serial defendant.

As we previously mentioned in Non-Sequiturs, Love is being sued by litany of her former associates. Her former legal consigliere says he was not properly paid, and now her former personal assistant says Love asked her to act illegally and hire a hacker.

What, what? Say it ain’t so, C. Love!

TMZ has the scoop on Jessica LaBrie, who — almost certainly, not coincidentally — also happens to be shopping a memoir of her time with Love. From TMZ (via the Daily Dish):

One of Courtney Love’s former assistants is suing the singer — claiming Courtney asked her to break the law … by hiring a computer hacker and counterfeiting legal documents.

The ex-assistant Jessica LaBrie filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming Courtney intentionally withheld her salary because Jessica refused to “commit fraudulent, unlawful, and unethical acts.”

Guys at my high school with famous rock bands and extensive histories of drug abuse hired hackers and forged legal documents all the time, it was no big deal. I gotta wonder, though, why did Love allegedly need a hacker? She doesn’t exactly seem like the Anonymous type. But LaBrie apparently isn’t explaining the rationale behind those particular marching orders.

It’s not Love’s first brush with electronic legal problems. Last year, she dealt with a highly publicized (to be fair, you could probably describe anything she does as such) Twitter defamation lawsuit.

But the lawyer who represented her there has also fled camp. From the the Hollywood, Esq. blog of the Hollywood Reporter, as we mentioned a few weeks ago:

The aggressiveness comes at a price. Fink says in his lawsuit that he charged Love $595 an hour for work, plus various fees associated with legal research and court costs.

During this time, there were many battles for Love, says Fink. “A number of these disputes and lawsuits centered on Love’s alleged failure to pay various third parties for services rendered,” says his complaint. “Little did [Fink’s law firm] know that it would subsequently be forced [to] join their ranks.”…

Fink makes it sound as if Love wasn’t the easiest client to maintain. He says that during the time he represented her, she sent the firm hundreds upon hundreds of text messages, which were “difficult and time-consuming” to interpret. She allegedly refused to meet in person but would telephone at bizarre and late hours of the night, and one time, she supposedly summoned Fink to her hotel room and made him wait in the lobby for hours with no meeting taking place.

Oh Courtney, do you know how much we all wish your lyrics had been more fictional?

She’s full of poison
She obliterated everything she kissed
Now she’s fading, somewhere in Hollywood
I’m glad I came here with your pound of flesh

I would make an impassioned plea for Love to get her act together, but I think we crossed that bridge around the time some of our younger readers were still in utero. Sigh.

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