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Florida State 3L Allegedly Shoots Florida State 2L

Florida State College of Law rotunda.

A third-year student at the Florida State University College of Law was arrested and charged in a shooting over the weekend.

An FSU 3L, Jeffrey Heller, allegedly shot another law student, a rising 2L, during an off-campus incident on Saturday morning. Tallahassee police confirm that Heller was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

We understand that the victim is expected to make a full recovery. The booking report is here. (Look for “Jeffrey S. Heller” on the second page of the document.)

We’ve got additional details, including a mugshot and a statement from the school

UPDATE (4:15 PM): We now also have the arrest/probable cause affidavit from the Tallahassee police. According to the police report, this shooting started with a cup of water….

We contacted FSU Law about the incident. They obviously couldn’t comment on specifically about Heller, but a spokesperson did have this to say:

State and federal privacy laws prohibit Florida State University from providing information about a specific student’s status. I can, however, explain the university’s process for when a student is arrested:

The University’s Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities in the Dean of Students Department will receive a police report, which is reviewed for possible violations of the university’s student conduct code — after the review, appropriate action is taken.

The Dean of Students Department is working closely with law enforcement in this case and is taking steps as appropriate to ensure the continued safety and security of our community.

Jeffrey Heller

The spokesperson also said that the Dean of Students is working with the alleged victim to provide assistance.

A tipster who knows Heller claims to be afraid of him. He “already scares me,” said this FSU law student.

It’s not clear what led to this alleged incident. We suspect it could have been better handled through a Facebook catfight.

We expect to receive more details from the Tallahassee police department as this story develops. Check back for updates.

UPDATE (4:15 PM): We now have additional details from the arrest/probable cause affidavit (available in full on the next page). The alleged victim, Tyler Thomas, claims that he threw a cup of water on Jeffrey Heller, and then Heller shot him in the back.

The police report says Heller turned himself in… when he woke up:

Bars, guns, and the waiver of Miranda rights. Sounds like the start to a wonderful Floridian story.

(If you’re interested, you can read the full affidavit on the next page.)

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