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Hong Kong Biglaw Partner Arrested for Driving Under the Influence, Allegedly Crashing Car Into Minibus

What is the deal with Biglaw partners and getting in trouble for drinking and driving? Just yesterday, we wrote about a Winston & Strawn partner and would-be ambassador to the Netherlands whose nomination was scuttled after getting charged with a DUI. And many of you are familiar with the unfortunate drinking-related courtroom escapades of Laura L. Flippin of DLA Piper.

The newest partner drinking story comes to us from the Far East. This Biglaw partner was not only allegedly driving under the influence, but he apparently crashed his fancy sports car in the process….

We actually heard about the incident involving Simpson Thatcher Partner Leiming Chen last week, but this is the first news article we’ve seen in English. (Shocker, none of us here at ATL can read Chinese.)

Details are sparse, but it sounds like an unusual scene. We’ve got as many details as we can find from The Lawyer:

Simpson Thacher & Bartlett Hong Kong partner Chen Leiming was arrested last Thursday following a road accident in Hong Kong, according to a local newspaper in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Chinese-language newspaper Ming Pao reported the collision, which occurred at around 11:50pm on 21 June. It was reported that Chen was driving a Porsche sports car and was involved in a side collision with a mini bus in Stanley on the south eastern part of Hong Kong Island. No one was seriously injured, however both drivers suffered head and neck pain and were cared for by paramedics.

According to the article, the 51-year-old attorney was arrested for “drink driving,” as it’s known there. He was released on bail and will have to report back to law enforcement next month. The article does not say how much alcohol was in his system, but for what it’s worth, it looks like the law in Hong Kong requires only .05% BAC to get you in trouble (which, as Elie emphatically noted, “is what, cough syrup and half a glass of wine?”).

I guess this just goes to show that even across the Pacific Ocean, in a very different culture and country, things are still the same: wherever you go in the world, a Porsche is a damn fast automobile.

Simpson Thacher Hong Kong partner arrested for drink driving [The Lawyer]

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