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Infographic of the Day: American Litigiousness Statistics That Will Make You Angry

It’s easy and popular to criticize America’s tendency towards over-litigiousness. You can talk and argue all day over abstract ideas, but have you seen the numbers all laid out in a handy-dandy infographic? No? Well, we have a special treat for you….

Over the weekend, eLocal Lawyers published a massive chart outlining all the absurd costs of over-litigation in the United States.

In case the chart is too confusing (if that’s the case, you should probably go back to 7th grade), here are a couple highlights:

  • At the top, there is a ranking of the percentage of GDP in several countries that goes to tort costs. Obviously, the U.S. is at the top by a large margin.
  • About midway down, there’s a nice little rundown of some gloriously frivolous lawsuits. If you look hard enough, you could probably find some of those stories in our archives.
  • This simple statistic: “80% of the world’s lawyers live in the United States.” As I type this, I think I can hear Elie grinding his teeth all the way from New York right now.

Anyway, click the image to enlarge it:

Oh, what a wonderful world.

Sue-Happy America [eLocal]

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