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Is It Too COLD To Work?

Advanced technology designed to thwart aggressive air conditioning.

When we do stories about law school weather problems, they usually involve the facilities being too hot for the students. That’s because air conditioning costs money, and law schools don’t like to spend money on current students.

But once you get out of school and start an office job (or “win the lottery” as people from the class of 2011 call it), the problem isn’t going to be that your office is too hot. The problem is going to be that your office blasts the AC so high that you’ll think you’ve been running around a hedge maze at the Overlook (just click on the link, millennials).

That’s right, for a lot of lawyers, it’s freezing up in here. And since we’re talking about lawyers, you know we’re talking about people who like to bitch….

The Kansas City Star (gavel bang: ABA Journal) has a story on freezing temperatures inside the law offices of Bryan Cave:

[Katherine] Jackson is like countless workers nationwide toiling in arctic air conditioning.

“Feels like a freezer,” she said of the Bryan Cave law firm downtown, where she’s an office assistant. “A blizzard almost.”

Jackson keeps a jacket over the back of her chair so she can warm up — even when it’s 105 outside.

She understands why her office is cold.

“It gets so hot outside they have to try to make it better for all the people inside,” she said. “Some places just get colder than others. And we have clients (who) come in for conferences. You have to have it a little cooler so they will be comfortable in there.”

Also, the cool air keeps people awake.

Obviously, law firms keep their offices cold so that they are comfortable for clients coming in from the heat. They don’t really care if it makes it uncomfortable for employees.

But, really, complaining that it’s too cold in the middle of a heat wave is the definition of a “first world problem.” Christ wrapped in a throw blanket, buy a sweater and quit yer bitchin’.

Why are so many offices so c-c-c-cold? [Kansas City Star]
As Nation Swelters, Law Firm Workers Keep Winter Gear at Hand to Deal with Arctic Indoor Temps [ABA Journal]

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