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Quote of the Day: Or Maybe I Just Prefer Not to Be Spied On

They're heeere.

If you’re concerned about it, maybe there’s a reason we should be flying over you, right?

– Douglas McDonald, director of special operations at Unmanned Applications Institute International, defending the domestic use of unmanned drones, which recently led to a 16-hour standoff between a farmer, his family, and police in North Dakota.

(hidden for your protection)

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12 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Or Maybe I Just Prefer Not to Be Spied On”

  1. Guest says:

    Is there a link to an article here or should we just all imagine what the underlying story is?

  2. Fortunate Gen Xer says:

    I wonder what law school reunions will be like for classes graduated from 2007 to 2015.  Will the alums compare horror stories about fighting with debt collectors and jockeying for minimum wage retail jobs?  Will they collectively wallow in their misfortune?

    • Justin Justinsen says:

      Congratulations. You picked the ONLY post on ATL where this comment is totally irrelevant. That took some serious talent.

    • Guest says:

      Thanks, BMN. 
      But if you clicked on the word “defending” up above, you would have been taken to a tiny articlette about the matter.
      Go easy on Danzy; he’s still sleepy from his trip up North.

  3. TTTroll says:

    No concerns at all about this development.

    —guy who lives in a largely vacant pre-bubble subdivision in South Florida and uses an awful lot of electricity

  4. Guest says:

    Isn’t it comforting to know that you’ve got a big brother always watching over you?

  5. All snark aside – this quote disgusts me.  Forget St. John — George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were the true prophets. 

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