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Boutique Blind Item Revealed: More On The Infamous Firearms Incident — And An Allegedly Naughty Summer Associate….

Hands off the managing partner, please.

This morning we told you about an incident in which the boyfriend of a managing partner allegedly pulled a gun on a summer associate. The claim was that the summer associate had touched the managing partner’s arm. A managing partner of a major law firm is a pretty important person, but applying a “do not touch” rule to her, as if she were the Queen of England, might be taking things a bit far.

We stated in our post that there had to be another side to this story — and we were right. In the alternative version, the gun in question was not actually pointed at the summer associate. And the summer associate was not exactly a saint — which might be the real reason he got no-offered by the firm.

Let’s find out what he allegedly did, as well as the identity of the law firm in question….

We initially withheld the name of the law firm in question because we wanted additional corroboration. Since our first post went up, we have received the required corroboration. We can now reveal that the firm is Fitzpatrick Cella, the well-known intellectual property boutique. FCHS is frequenty referred to as an IP boutique because of its focus on that area of law, but it’s roughly Biglaw in size, with almost 200 lawyers.

To refresh your recollection, here’s the original version of the story:

[H]aven’t you heard about the wine tasting summer event for [Firm X]? It’s spread like wildfire to other firms so you have to have. You know, the one where the managing partner’s transit cop boyfriend pointed his GUN at a summer because he touched her arm? To make it worse, they NO OFFERED the poor kid. They had the gall to blame it on him!

It seems… strange, no? We wondered what we might be missing. Thankfully, several of our sources came forward, providing us with the other side of the story. (As we noted earlier, the firm itself declined to comment.)

Here is what one of them alleged:

Weird confluence of mixed facts on that story. Managing partner is dating a NYC police detective, not a transit cop. There’s no such thing as transit cop qua transit cop anymore, though the recent manager of litigation services was a transit cop back when there was such a thing. And was a gun nut. So maybe he would have pulled a gun on the young summer associate. Summer slapped a cop and lived to tell the tale.

Whoa, he supposedly slapped a cop? More on that later….

Young summer associate drunk and got gropey with more than one woman at the wine tasting (including the wife of another partner). Showed up at work the next day in the same clothes as night before, which wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t covered with vomit. Oh yeah, he didn’t make it home, somebody else was worried about him and took him to their place to babysit him. He puked all over the Good Samaritan’s home.

F**k yeah he got no offered.

We asked our source for more information about the alleged cop slapping. That source didn’t get back to us, but a different tipster did, making the following allegations:

Re: the gun story — the gun was never pointed or directed at the kid. It came out in a joking manner — hard to explain by text…. [This source sent us a text message tip: 646-820-8477.]

In addition — did the kid mention he admitted to inappropriately touching the managing partner, slapping the MP’s boyfriend, or trying to follow another female summer home one night after an event? Amongst many other things.

Aww yeah, that’s the good stuff. Who doesn’t love a good summer associate story?

We’ve heard complaints lately that summer associates today aren’t as much fun as summer associates of years past. Think back on the legends of SA lore: Aquagirl, the Crab Stabber, the Katten Kreep, and the Sapphic Summers. They set a very high bar.

But this year’s summer associates haven’t been half-bad. So far we’ve written about the Helpless Hikers, the American Idol Aspirant, the Loose Lesbian — and now, of course, the Fitzpatrick Cella Fella.

So the summer associates of 2012 are certainly holding their own. They’ve generated more good stories than, say, the summer associates of 2011. Could an increase in reckless summer associate behavior be a sign that the economy is improving? Think of it as the legal world’s version of a leading economic indicator.

The summer is almost over, but our coverage of summer associate scandal is not. We welcome your stories, by email or by text message (646-820-8477). And there’s still time to vote in our summer associate event contest, too.

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