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Infographic of the Day: Something To Make The Class of 2013 Cry Before Classes Start

Law students are coming back to campus now, mainly for on-campus interviewing. How is 3L recruiting going for you, class of 2013?

Ha ha, just kidding. Hopefully when these kids decided to go to law school back in 2010 — despite overwhelming evidence that it was a risky proposition — these kids had some kind of back-up plan for just this situation.

Speaking of “overwhelming evidence,” there’s been a fun little infographic making the rounds around the blogosphere. It’s about the “new” trends in the legal market.

I’m not sure these trends are particularly new. In fact, I think these are trends that people should have been aware of for years. But since so many people show up to campus without critically thinking about their post-graduate job prospects, I’m going to guess this infographic is breaking news to a lot of returning law students…

I saw this last night on the WSJ Law Blog. But the graphic is from TelAssistant and first popped up on Business Insider.

My favorite stats are the ones about how many new lawyers there are. It’s like a horror movie; they just keep coming.

But like I said, current law students did their research, right? They are prepared for these numbers.

The New Lawyer - Trends that are reshasping the Legal Industry

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