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Judge of the Day: This Is What You Call a ‘Lack of Good Judgment’

Turns out judges sometimes value guns just as much as the rest of “real” America. We’ve covered judges who inappropriately brandish firearms from the bench, but as far as I know, I’ve never heard of a judge actually shooting his gun inside a courthouse.

Until today.

A state judge in Tioga County, NY, was censured after he fired his revolver inside his chambers. Was he shooting at a dangerous criminal? Nooope. It was an unfortunate technical malfeasance. It probably didn’t help that the reason he had a conceal-carry permit was because he approved his own….

The Star-Gazette has the story:

Judge Vincent Sgueglia, the sole licensing officer in Tioga County, was unaware that he could not approve his own pistol permit, according to a press release from the commission.

The commission found that he should not have used his decision-making authority for his own benefit.

The misconduct was compounded, the commission stated, when Judge Sgueglia accidentally discharged a revolver, while attempting to repair it, in his chambers during a break in court proceedings.

Apparently 70-year-old Judge Sgueglia had been threatened several times during his two decades on the bench, which is why he gave himself the permit. But did he really have nothing better to do than try and repair his gun on the break? It’s not as bad as watching porn in court (although at least porn won’t literally shoot your eye out), but still, not great time management.

Earlier this month, the State Commission on Judicial Conduct censured Judge Sgueglia, who acknowledged his mistakes and agreed to retire and no longer serve as licensing officer after the end of the year:

The commission found that “handling a gun in his chambers showed a lack of good judgment and notable disregard for the safety of others.”

Really, ya think? Sounds like Judge Sgueglia has been hanging out with Scarface (no, not that Scarface):

I got my pistol point ‘n cocked.
Ready to lay shots non-stop
Until I see your monkey-ass drop.

On the upside, no one was hurt, and because the judge is already past the mandatory retirement age, his career will not be cut short. But just to be safe, maybe His Honor should take some gun safety classes.

Tioga County judge censured for firing weapon in chambers [Star-Gazette]

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