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New Statue Appears To Involve Thomas Cooley Trying To Convince A Homeless Person To Go To Law School… Or Something

Thomas M. CooleyHere’s the problem with running a law school that publishes a laughable rankings system that magically ranks your school second in the nation. If the school is willing to do that, it makes it possible to question (and laugh at) every single thing that comes out of the school.

Hell, the shoeshine boy who tried to troll Staci couldn’t be dismissed out of hand because he said he was a Cooley grad.

It’s not entirely fair, but the school brings it upon itself, at least in part. That’s probably why I received a number of tweets about the new statue at Cooley Law.

At a regular law school, nobody would take much note of a sculpture of the school’s namesake. At Cooley, it’s pretty easy to read in a hilarious motive….

A tipster who sent in photos of the Cooley statuary said:

I was walking by Cooley’s [Grand Rapids] campus the other night and was floored by their new statue: Thomas Cooley lecturing a homeless man. Unbelievable.

Personally, I didn’t think that Cooley was lecturing the homeless guy; I thought he was offering the homeless guy a spot in his 1L class. But one thing we can both agree on is that this motif surely involves a homeless person in some capacity. See for yourself (click to enlarge):

Maybe Cooley is explaining the concept of “no refunds” to a recent Cooley graduate?

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