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Quote of the Day: Justice Kennedy Likes Hawaii; Legal Education, Not So Much

[L]aw schools are questioning whether or not they are teaching students the right way, and it seems to me that the bench and the bar can engage in serious discussions with the law schools to advise them whether or not, say for the next 20 years… they have the proper approach for teaching those who will soon be the trustees of the law as active practitioners. That is urgent.

— Justice Anthony Kennedy, speaking this week at the Ninth Circuit’s Judicial Conference in Maui.

(Justice Kennedy’s defense of Hawaii as a conference venue, after the jump.)

Here’s what AMK had to say about the controversial choice to hold the Ninth Circuit’s conference in Hawaii, according to the Washington Post:

It’s important that this conference meet frequently in Hawaii. There is a loveliness, even a loneliness in the Pacific that makes it fitting for us to search in quiet for the elegance and the beauty of the law.

Of course, the beaches and luxury hotels — and rumored sightings of Judge Stephen Reinhardt in swim trunks! — aren’t bad either.

Highlights of Justice Kennedy’s Remarks to the 2012 9th Circuit Judicial Conference in Maui
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