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Rising 2L Runs Seminar on ‘How To Succeed In Law School’ After 1L Year At Thomas Jefferson Law School

I want you to digest that headline for a moment. This weekend, a rising 2L is going to share his “system” for succeeding in law school, a system he honed — for a whole year — at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. The kid is trying to charge people money to attend his seminar.

Oh, but he was really good at law school. He was able to transfer out of TJLS to George Washington University Law School. He starts there in this fall. Success!

Actually, let me give you the full, prestigious biography he posted to Top Law Schools. We’ve also got video footage of the guy, providing “The 21st Century Approach” to succeeding in law school.

That approach, by the way, doesn’t involve books…

Have you ever seen a person list a school that he didn’t get into as part of his credentials? Here’s the bio Nick Hooymand posted on Top Law Schools:

I am a rising 2L transfer student at GW Law (Waitlisted at GULC) and want to share the things I learned my 1L year that no one will tell you. I put these tips in a video, if you have any questions please feel free to email me; I would love to help in any way I can! Good Luck!

You’d be forgiven if you read that and thought, “Okay, I’m being trolled.” But we’ve got a full nine-minute video of this guy talking:

The best part of the video comes in the first minute, when Nick explains that “it took me two years to get into law school… I took the LSAT three times, 152 was my best score.”

I couldn’t really make sense of what was going on here until I read this bit, again on TLS:

Am I trying to sell you something? Yes and No. I already have a room booked / people attending my seminar this Saturday. It would not be realistic to get someone to pay, travel, book arrangements and attend in 4 days. The reason I am posting this is to set up a name for myself and gain momentum to do future seminars next year. However, I believe in my method and would love to help anyone/everyone who is interested to succeed in their 1L year to gain some sort of “goodwill” in the industry. I paid $300 for a private tutor and he taught me things that were potentially worth $100’s of thousands of dollars over the span of my first 10 years of practice — all from my 1st year grades! I don’t charge at all for any emails/questions any incoming student might have. Take my advice or leave it. I wish all 1L students success and if I can aid in that, I’m here.

First of all, this kid is a rising 2L. What the hell does he know about what he will need in his first ten years of practice?

But reading between the lines here, it sounds like this kid got snookered into getting a private tutor for law school when he should have just done the reading and tried not to be an idiot. Since he fell for it, he’s banking that there are others. You know what they say: nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

Look, I’m sure this kid’s drive and hustle will serve him well — but it wouldn’t hurt to have a dose of humility. Right now he’s just a kid that transferred out of a crappy law school.

He hasn’t succeeded; he hasn’t even graduated. He seems like the kind of person who acts like he’s seen a movie because he caught the previews.

I truly pity the person who pays go to this kid’s seminar. To quote Vincent Vega, “Jules, if you give that fuckin’ nimrod fifteen hundred dollars, I’m gonna shoot him on general principles.”

How to Succeed in Law School: The 21st Century Approach [YouTube]

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