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These Lawyers ‘Patented Sex’ and It’s Pretty Damn Funny

Last year, we published a music video from a group of recent American University – Washington College of Law graduates rapping about when happens when — god forbid — you fail the MPRE. Well, the guys are at it again with a new, incredibly “informative” song about the patent system in America.

They’ve stepped up the production value, they have a celebrity cameo from the Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and it all fits nicely into a rap song, you guessed it, about patenting sex. So yeah, click through for some serious flow….

The video stars Jesse Sommer, Randy Seriguchi, and Josiah Young, who call themselves the People of Channel 38.

The intro is a little awkward, but it doesn’t really matter because the song itself (based on “I Invented Sex” by Trey Songz) is so entertaining. And the intro is necessary as the set up for the rest of the tune. As the song moves along, the verses continue getting funnier and more absurd. There’s even a nice little — you might say pro-feminist — twist at the end. Don’t take my word for it; see for yourself:

It’s pretty epic to watch a semi-serious conversation with David Kappos about the America Invents Act of 2011, and then cut right to a smooth jam with verses like this:

I ain’t first to get it in
I’m first to file my application
That’s the status quo, thanks to pending legislation
Now I’m claiming all sex — including masturbation

I’m not going to try and quote the third verse (which might be my favorite), but let’s just say Ben Franklin, Patrick Leahy, and the Obamas are all name-dropped with some awesome irreverence.

The video is partly fun to watch because the production quality is quite good. It frankly puts almost all of our Law Revue entries to shame. They have scenes in front of the U.S. Capitol and some slick Honda racing scenes — as much as a Civic can be slick, anyway.

As it turns out, all three members are now are employed attorneys. Jesse sent us this note:

I’m soon to leave my job at an environmental law firm to begin my active duty military service with the US Army JAG Corps. Randy just wrapped up a clerkship, and both he and Josiah are headed off to California to begin a gig working in education policy reform.

Nice work fellas, keep pumping out the jams.


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