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August Lawyer of the Month: Suck On My Cannon Balls

It’s time to announce the winner of August’s Lawyer of the Month competition. Last month, we had a potpourri of lawyers and judges allegedly behaving badly for readers to choose from. In the end, one of our candidates stole the show with 41 percent of the total vote.

Let’s find out who took home the title of Lawyer of the Month — a man who coincidentally was behind one of the best lawyer sex scandals of the summer. Get ready to swallow the evidence, ladies, because what happens in Vegas usually doesn’t stay in Vegas for very long when it’s captured on a jailhouse candid camera….

August’s Lawyer of the Month is Curtis Cannon, the Vegas defense attorney made famous after he was busted for allegedly getting serviced by Crystal Wallis, a jailed client who is 35 years his junior. Cannon was charged with voluntary sexual conduct between a prisoner and another person, which is, you guessed it, a felony.

Curtis Cannon and Crystal Wallis

Aww, would you look at this happy couple. While Cannon’s encounter with Wallis lasted a remarkable 26 minutes, during a police interrogation, he claimed that he hadn’t had sex with his wife in 14 years. That being the case, it seems like Cannon must’ve been getting his stamina practice somewhere else.

Cannon and Wallis are scheduled to attend a preliminary hearing today to determine whether there is enough evidence against the pair to bind them over for trial. The video evidence straight from jail that allegedly shows the pair high-fiving each other in the middle of the act probably won’t be very helpful for their case.

Best of luck to Cannon as he tries to get off — no pun intended.

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Las Vegas Defense Attorney Busted for Allegedly Busting a Nut — in Jailed Client’s Mouth

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