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Comment of the Week: What? OKAY! Yeeeeeah!

When we posted video of Lil Wayne’s deposition earlier this week, we knew the epically rude (and vaguely threatening) clips would lead to comment gold.

Because nothing leads to jokes and jokes and jokes like one of the most absurd personalities in hip-hop culture thrown into a room with a buttoned-up lawyer.

The post had quite a few quality entries, like DoctorChimRichalds’s suggestion that Weezy should have pleaded “the Fizzifth.” Dr. Richalds was good, but not quite the best this week. What?

But we do have a Comment of the Week winner. Yeaaaaaah! Shall we see who it is? OKAY!

Once again, Successful Troll is quite successful, this time with an awesome meta-troll, which intentionally conflates Lil Wayne with America’s favorite monosyllabic rapper:

I would have enjoyed the videos more if Lil Wayne had answered the attorney’s questions using only his trademarked responses, “Whaat,” “Yeahhh,” and Okaay.”

Some hapless commenters took the bait: “LOL. That’s Lil Jon. Not Lil Wayne,” which, of course, earns ST an extra 100 Style Points in the completely arbitrary scale that I just invented.

Last time ST won, he sent us Paul Ceglia’s business address. Well played sir, but send us the real thing this time. We want to give you a fancy ATL t-shirt that you can rock — wherever the trendy trolls hangout these days. Send us an email, and we’ll send you some new threads.

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