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Lawyer of the Day: DUI Attorney Tackled, Then Arrested For DUI

Friends, this is a fun one.

Not just because a DUI attorney was arrested for a DUI — potentially his third DUI. That story would be cool, but a little trite.

No, what makes this story particularly fun is that the attorney was apprehended by a passing motorist as he allegedly tried to flee the scene of an accident. The Good Samaritan motorist got out of his car and chased down our attorney on foot, all while wearing flip-flops.

Oh, and I should mention that this particular DUI attorney has a YouTube ad where he doesn’t “speak,” but has some scary music, pictures, and a screen shot of his bio.

Yeah, this is a fun one….

The Omaha World-Herald has the story of attorney Robb Gage. A man who, of course, drives a Lexus:

Omaha police said Omaha attorney Robb Gage, 35, rear-ended a motorist Tuesday night, then took off running before [motorist Bill Baker] tackled him near 18th and Farnam Streets.

Gage’s blood-alcohol content was .22 percent— almost three times the legal limit of .08, police said.

Gage, who had drunken-driving convictions in 2004 and 2008, is expected to be charged Thursday with third-offense aggravated DUI, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

Mmm… .22 is a hell of a night. It’s, of course, a night that should end with you passed out in the back of a CAB. Don’t they have Uber in Omaha?

But long-time readers will be delighted that I want to know more about Good Samaritan Bill Baker. Apparently, Baker saw Gage speeding down the road, slam into another vehicle, spin out while trying to take a turn, and then attempt to flee the scene. And then Baker decided to get out of his car and do a job:

Baker pulled up and watched as the driver, dressed in camouflage shorts and a T-shirt, got out of the Lexus and started running.

Baker chased after him, figuring the driver was “bailing out of a stolen car.” He soon found out otherwise.

“He was running at a pretty good clip at first, but he got out of breath pretty quick,” Baker said. “I was in flip-flops, and it took me less than 30 seconds to catch up to him. I yelled at him to get down. He didn’t, so I went ahead and detained him.”

YOU DON’T NEED A GUN TO BE A HERO. I love how he snarks Gage about getting winded “pretty quick.” And remember, when Baker moved to apprehend Gage, he didn’t know this was some allegedly drunken attorney, he thought this was a car thief. Baker put himself at risk to seek justice. Good on him.

Meanwhile, Gage probably deserved a post on Above the Law just for his YouTube ad alone. Here it is, and you can play it at work with the sound off (though the music really adds… something):

You know, instead of hiring Robb Gage, DUI attorney, maybe you should just hire a personal trainer so you can outrun a guy in flip-flops.

Wild ride ends in crash, run, tackle of DUI attorney [Omaha World-Herald]

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