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Comment of the Week: Drinkin’ Is Bad, Mmm ‘Kay?

Going to be honest with you, folks. Pickings were a bit slim for this week’s Comment of the Week contest. I know the new Disqus is scary, but you can still comment anonymously. You just have to make your fake email a little more complex, like, instead of

Of course, we do have a winner, arising out of the drunken stupor that is lawyerdom as described by Elie earlier this week. Because, when all else fails, thank goodness for ye olde jokes about booze, boobs, and babies….

Congratulations to Jacob, who managed to mock Elie’s parenting skills, weight, and drinking habits in one tight 11-word sentence.

Elie, you know it’s dangerous to drink while you’re breastfeeding, right?

When reached for comment, Elie said, “Take this, all of you, and drink. It is the new and everlasting covenant, and it will be shed so nobody pays $100K to got to a second rate law school again.”

Amen, Father Mystal.

Send us an email, Jacob, with your contact info, and we’ll send you an Above the Law t-shirt. Make sure you wear it next time you go drinking with your lawyer friends. We guarantee you’ll be the coolest dude in the bar.

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