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Musical Chairs: Seven Partners Part Ways With Haynes and Boone

Our coverage of lateral partner moves is admittedly somewhat idiosyncratic. To be honest, we tend to be most interested in lateral moves when we can be the ones to break the news, in advance of any official announcement.

(For moves where we aren’t first, we tend to be more discriminating and write up only the most major ones. So if you’d like us to cover some notable partners joining your firm, please email us well before you send out your press release, and give us the scoop.)

Today we bring you news of partner moves from the Lone Star State. Some seven partners are leaving the Dallas office of Haynes and Boone. Who are they, and where are they going?

They’re an eclectic group, actually, with both litigators and transactional attorneys making the move. Here are their names and practice areas:

In response to an inquiry from us, Akin Gump confirmed the news and said it would be issuing a press release shortly.

UPDATE (4:10 PM): Here is the Akin Gump press release, which contains bios of all the partners.

Haynes and Boone also issued a statement after we contacted them:

We can confirm that the attorneys you have identified plan to join Akin Gump. We are saddened to see these colleagues, many of whom started their careers here at Haynes and Boone, leave. We wish them well and much success in their new firm.

That’s a classy statement. We’re not surprised; Haynes and Boone does things right. For example, as we’ve noted before, they have a knack for putting together creative and elegant holiday cards. HayBoo is the reigning champion in our law firm holiday card contest.

(Interestingly enough, Akin Gump also excels in the holiday card department. They won our inaugural contest, and they’ve made the finals for three years in a row.)

We wish these seven partners the best of luck at Akin Gump. If you’d like to read an internal memo about the news from Terry Conner, managing partner of Haynes and Boone, flip to the next page.

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