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Soliciting Legally Themed Pictures For Halloween Contest

It’s almost Halloween. Yay. I can’t wait to see everybody’s “Slutty Binder” outfit.

Here at Above the Law, we’re soliciting legally themed costumes for our annual contest. It’s always a lot of fun.

Based on past contests, we can tell you that group ideas do better than solo acts. But honestly, I’m just waiting to see what our two time defending champions are going to come up with…

Last year, two NYU Law students won a close race with their inventive Grandfather Clause concept:

The year before that the same two won with the inventive Assault and Battery concept:

Maybe they’ve graduated or broken up or moved on to better Halloween events, but if these two are on their game, they’ll be tough to beat.

With these contests, the concept is as important as the execution. FindLaw actually has some pretty fun ideas:

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree. Speaking of Justice Frankfurter, why not make your costume a nod to his arboriginal inadmissible evidence decision? This seems like a good couples costume: one of you can be the tree, one can be a fruit. Just add the skull-and-crossbones poison symbol to your tree.

Commerce Claus. Pin fake money — or real money, if you’re a baller — to a Santa suit, and go as Commerce Claus. (No, we’ll never tire of the Clause/Claus pun, as bad as it may be.) If you’re on the fence about investing in a Santa suit, think of it this way: You can re-use this outfit in December for SantaCon.

Other ideas are here.

Send us your pictures and we’ll vote later this week. And, you know, try not to be racist, at least if you study at Ohio State.

5 Ideas for Supreme Court Halloween Costumes [FindLaw]

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