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Tosh.0 Highlights Video Of Old Lady Fighting Young Skateboarding Punks In Front Of A Law School

Daniel Tosh. You know him. You’ve probably been raped by him.

If you are one of our older readers, Tosh has a show on Comedy Central called Tosh.0. You’ve seen bits of it before the Daily Show starts playing from your DVR. His show is basically a bunch of jokes based on funny stuff he finds on YouTube.

The other night, Tosh did a video breakdown of a skateboarder slamming into an older woman outside what Tosh called “a community college.” In Idaho. It was pretty funny, especially since the old lady kind of leaned into the skateboarder trying to avoid her, and then tried to beat them up.

But a tipster reports: “That is not a community college, those is the entry steps to the University of Idaho College of Law.”

Hey now! Our tipster says that the old lady is actually an Idaho Law employee….

Here’s the segment from Tosh.0. When you watch it in slow motion, it does kind of seem like the law school lady throws and elbow into the skateboarder:

If you look at the original YouTube clip, you can hear some people telling some other people that they are outside the law school a little more clearly. Though I’m not going to sit here and blame Daniel Tosh for not knowing the difference between Idaho Law and a community college based just on the steps:

Okay, now that we’ve established that we’re outside of a law school, I have some questions:

  • Who the hell is doing skateboarding tricks outside of a law school? The steps of a law school should be full of people studying, or sobbing, not skating.
  • Don’t you love how the kid reacts to hitting an old lady like one would react to breaking a window or hitting a parked car?
  • I’ll bet all the money in my pocket that this woman does not work in career services. That kind of tenacity after getting knocked down is so not standard CSO operating procedure.

I’m looking forward to this Idaho Law lady getting some kind of Web Redemption. She could report the skateboarder as “unemployed after graduation” or something.

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