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Tumblr Accounts That Are Or Could Be Awesome

Okay, there’s a natural ceiling to how good a legal-themed Tumblr account is going to be. It’s not Binders Full of Women.

I don’t think any legal Tumblr can get to the Trap Her, Keep Her level. But come on, “Lawyer Men Explain Things To Me” should be good for a few laughs once it gets going, and “Life In Biglaw” is already out there making it happen….

Right now, the Lawyer Men Explain Things to Me Tumblr has only two entries, but you can see the potential. Here’s what they’re asking for in terms of submissions:

Are you a woman lawyer, law student, law professor, paralegal, or otherwise involved in the legal field? Has a man tried to explain the law to you, on the assumption that he must know more about it than you do simply by virtue of being a man? Please share your experiences here.

It’s done by the same people who did Academic Men Explain Things To Me. That ended up being pretty funny. But I feel like lawyer men should kind of dominate the field of explaining things to women — legally trained or otherwise — in the most patronizing way.

For starters, it’s legitimately hard to explain some legal concepts without sounding patronizing. “No, silly, I said ‘strict scrutiny,’ not ‘rational relationship.’ Don’t you understand the difference?”

Also, most lawyers really like explaining things in a condescending fashion. It makes people feel like those three years of law school weren’t a complete waste of time.

And that’s before we even get to all the sexism in the legal industry. There have got to be some women out there who were told something really obvious and basic about something like landlord/tenant law in a way that made them want to punch the man doing the talking.

L/T LAWYER: Listen honey, the warranty of habitability doesn’t cover you just because you don’t like the blinds.
FEMALE CLIENT: My apartment doesn’t have any windows.
L/T LAWYER: That’s a shame, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t be cooped up all the time.
FEMALE CLIENT: No, THERE ARE WINDOW FRAMES, just no goddamn windows.
L/T LAWYER: Did you bring a copy of your lease? See, sometimes leases say important things in really small print.

Yeah, I think this Tumblr account could get really good.

Life in Biglaw is a Tumblr account that’s already really good. You’ll guess why I particularly like this one. But this is pretty good too:

Looking forward to seeing this one develop as well.

Lawyer Men Explain Things to Me [Tumblr]
Life In Biglaw [Tumblr]

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