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UVA Law Grad, Rising Political Star, ‘Forced Sodomy’ Allegations; Yeah, You’re Gonna Read

Chris Dumler

Is there anything quite as grand as allegations of a UVA Law grad behaving badly?

Today’s installment of “Lol-VA” involves serious allegations against a lawyer and 2009 graduate of UVA Law who was dubbed a “rising star” in Democratic politics in Virginia. Unfortunately, instead of the usual fun allegations of getting belligerent and drunk or stealing transcript paper, these claims are more serious.

Albemarle County supervisor Christopher Dumler was arrested and charged with forced sodomy, yesterday.

Collars should go down to half mast, as these allegations could put a stop to Dumler’s career…

WVIR has the report on Dumler’s arrest:

Court records indicate Dumler is accused of having anal intercourse with a victim through force, threat or intimidation. Albemarle County police say this is an active case, and that the investigation is ongoing.

The arrest made was following an October 16 investigation into an incident on October 4. Police are not saying where the incident took place. The victim’s name is not being released but police say she was known by Dumler.

Albemarle County Police Chief Steve Sellers said, “The victim in this case was known to Mr. Dumler. The Albemarle County Police Department has been working closely with the commonwealth attorney’s office throughout this investigation.”

Dumler was already a respected elected official, despite having graduated from UVA Law just three years ago. From The Daily Progress:

An unmarried lawyer who is something of a fixture in the Charlottesville-area social and political scene, Dumler, 27, has served in elected office for just 10 months but was regarded as an emerging force in the local Democratic Party. He won the county’s Scottsville District seat last November.

Whether or not these allegations are true, they’re going to sodomize Dumler’s Google footprint.

Albemarle Supervisor Dumler Charged with Sodomy [WVIT-TV]
Dumler’s bond hearing postponed until Friday [The Daily Progress]

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