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Which Supreme Court Justice Got In A Little Trouble With Law Parking Enforcement?

Supreme Court justices are inevitably controversial figures. As we all know, they rule on the most important issues of the day, which gives them power to affect all Americans’ lives in significant ways. It’s hard to think of those who sit on the highest court in the land as anything resembling you and me.

But there’s at least one great equalizer. A game of hoops? No. SCOTUS has that covered too. We’re talking about parking tickets…

The Philadelphia Inquirer got a photo of Justice Antonin Scalia’s car yesterday — with a fresh parking ticket on his windshield. He was in town visiting the Union League of Philadelphia:

Scalia’s car was ticketed despite the presence of a Philadelphia official police business placard on its dashboard.

Ironically, the Parking Authority is one of the few GOP-dominated institutions in Philadelphia, a city long controlled by Democrats.

Scalia is one of the most conservative Supreme Court justices. He frequently votes on issues that find favor with Republicans.

But in this case, the PPA was definitely nonpartisan.

According to the PPA’s website, the parking violation was the lowest of three violations.

For some reason, the article doesn’t say exactly what his violation was, but it does mention the cost — $26. To which I say, holy cow that is so cheap. Still, there’s something wonderful about imagining Nino strolling back to his car (in full SCOTUS regalia, of course), ripping the ticket off his windshield, and mumbling, “F**k!” just loud enough for a random passerby to hear.

For what it’s worth, this isn’t our first coverasge of Scalia’s not-quite perfect driving record. He was involved in — and cited for — a fender bender last year.

Hopefully Scalia remembers to pay the fine and avoids ending up in this situation.

I’m going to stop here: I have to run and move my car because they’re about to start street-sweeping and I don’t want a ticket.

Philly Parking Authority nails Supreme Court Justice [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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