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Associate Bonus Watch: Cadwalader and Debevoise Match Cravath


From: White, Christopher
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2012 10:10 AM
Subject: 2012 Bonuses

2012 Bonuses

On behalf of the Partners, I am pleased to announce 2012 bonus levels for qualified Counsel, Special Counsel and Associates as follows:

Class of 2012 — $10,000 (pro-rated)
Class of 2011 — $10,000
Class of 2010 — $14,000
Class of 2009 — $20,000
Class of 2008 — $27,000
Class of 2007 — $34,000
Class of 2006 — $40,000
Class of 2005 — $50,000
Class of 2004 — $60,000
and senior

Attorneys who were with the Firm for only part of the year or worked part-time will be eligible for a pro-rated bonus. Bonuses for Senior Attorneys will be announced separately. Bonuses will be paid in the first pay period in February 2013.

On behalf of the Partners, I thank you for your many contributions to the Firm and our clients, and I wish you and your families a very Happy Holiday Season.

Chris White


We are pleased to let you know that the standard bonus schedule for U.S.-based associates this year, payable at year-end, is by class level as follows, subject to the usual pro-rations for part-time arrangements and lengths of service of less than the entire year:

2012: $10,000 (pro-rated)
2011: $10,000
2010: $14,000
2009: $20,000
2008: $27,000
2007: $34,000
2006: $40,000
2005: $50,000
2004 and senior: $60,000

Through your hard and effective work we achieved excellent results for our clients during the year. Thank you. On behalf of the partners, I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Michael [Blair]

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