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UC Hastings Grad and Would-Be San Francisco Politician Faces Allegations of Royal D-Baggery

Julian Davis

A UC Hastings alumnus running for San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors is having a last-minute campaign meltdown, as he faces allegations of “unwanted physical advances.”

So far, Julian Davis, a recent law school grad, faces two separate allegations — including one from a law school classmate.

Nothing has been proven, and Davis is still in the race. But he’s lost the endorsement of some incumbent city supervisors, as well as the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

So what is Davis accused of? Let’s see…

Davis was in hot water earlier this month after Kay Vasilyeva accused him of touching her beneath her clothes in 2006. Davis denied the accusations and directed his lawyer to send her a cease-and-desist letter.

Then, earlier this week, SF Weekly ran a story concerning allegations by a different woman (gavel bang: SFist):

The accuser tells SF Weekly that, following a Hastings-related party in late 2010, she shared a cab ride home with Davis, who lived in the same neighborhood as her. She claims Davis repeatedly told the cab driver to make only one stop — at his or her place — and not two. She claims she rebuffed Davis’ verbal advances, leading to an alleged physical advance. “Davis grabbed my face and wrenched my neck towards him as he tried to force me to kiss him. He simultaneously put his hand on my thigh,” she wrote to [Davis’s lawyer, James] Wagstaffe.

“None of this contact was welcome, and I clearly articulated the word ‘no’ more than once. The cab driver asked if I was ‘OK’ a number of times.” When the cab pulled up in front of Davis’ residence, she claims, he asked her inside. She declined. She alleges Davis then gave her the middle finger and shouted, “Fuck you, bitch!”

SFist called the alleged exchange “royally douchey.” Davis denied the accusations via SFWeekly’s online comments, writing that he was “not going to comment further about anonymous uncorroborated attacks.”

The accuser’s name appears on emails sent to Davis and his lawyer, James Wagstaffe, an adjunct professor at Hastings (who has appeared before in our pages). Her story was corroborated by some of her Hastings classmates, who told SF Weekly that she mentioned the incident around the time it allegedly happened. Apparently she didn’t tell police or Hastings administrators so as “not to rock the proverbial law school ‘boat.'”

To be fair, she said Davis subsequently apologized for making her uncomfortable.

A tipster (who claims not to be one of the four who spoke to SF Weekly) wrote to us with additional allegations about Davis:

I was in the class of 2012 with Julian. He was (and still is) a pretty notorious guy from our class. I can honestly say I don’t know a single person from our class who ever had a nice thing to say about him. In class, he always acted entitled, arrogant, rude to professors, and generally douchey. He allegedly had to switch con law sections 1L year because of yelling at the professor. There were many Julian moments in the handful of classes I had with him, but the most memorable for me was when he refused to participate during a cold call. When the professor grilled him for being unprepared, he had a hissy fit and stormed out of the classroom, wooden bookholder and all. Given the way he treated everyone at Hastings — students, staff, professors — I would be shocked if he got one vote from anyone associated with UCH.

Sounds like the next week may be tough for Davis, if people continue to come out of the woodwork with opinions like these.

We reached out to Julian Davis by email but have not yet heard back; we’ll update this story if and when we do. If you have information to share about him, positive or negative, please feel free to email us or text us (646-820-8477). Thanks.

UPDATE (11/5/2012, 2:00 PM): Here is more about Julian Davis (including supportive comments from a classmate and discussion of his controversial tenure on the Hastings Law Journal).

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