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Associate Bonus Watch: Shearman & Sterling


From: David Beveridge
To: US Track Class Year Associates
Subject: 2012 Bonuses

I am pleased to announce that we will be paying bonuses to US Track associates in good standing. The standard bonus for US Track associates in each class year is as set forth below.

Class of 2012 – $10,000 (pro-rated)

Class of 2011 – $10,000

Class of 2010 – $14,000

Class of 2009 – $20,000

Class of 2008 – $27,000

Class of 2007 – $34,000

Class of 2006 – $40,000

Class of 2005 – $50,000

Class of 2004 and above – $60,000

As in prior years, individual bonus amounts will be discretionary, based on performance. Associates will be notified by their Practice Group of their individual bonus payments.

Bonuses will be paid on January 15, 2013 to US Track associates who are actively employed at the firm on that date. For those associates who were on leaves of absence or reduced work schedules in 2012 or who joined the firm after January 1, 2012, bonuses will be prorated.

If you have any questions about the bonus, please contact Eliza Swann, Daniel Laguardia or Marcus Franks.

On behalf of the partners, I thank you for all your efforts throughout the past year.

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