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Fame Brief: The Sun Sets On Jokes About AIDS

Lilly Ghalichi

In the only clip I’ve seen of Bravo’s The Shahs of Sunset, an older wealthy Persian man (oil tycoon, obviously) was idly threatening his bitchy, entitled 30-something year old daughter over lunch that she was going to get cut off unless she got a job soon. It seemed to be like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just with tanner people, so I switched it off and resumed online shopping with my dad’s credit card, never to watch it again.

But like HPV, reality “stars” have a way of foisting themselves upon us. One such pustule is Lilly Ghalichi, a slightly melted Kim Kardashian and self-proclaimed “Persian Barbie” who wants you to look past her cartoonish breast implants, Halloween hair, wax face, and piano teeth, and see that there is also a rotted soul on the inside. And like most rotted souls, this one has a J.D. (Loyola Law School, ’08). She’s even licensed to practice in California, further confirming that the Louisiana Purchase was a bad idea….

Lilly, of course, doesn’t practice boring old law. Instead, she runs Femme Noir, a “swimgerie” line that presumably features bathing suits that guys don’t really notice which get ripped off right before sex anyway.

On Sunday’s episode, Lilly noticed the crotch of one of her creations that she had leant out for a photo shoot at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch was soiled with “crotch juice.” When her assistant dangled the nasty panty liner near Lilly, she screamed, “Don’t put that on my computer! There might be AIDS on there!” Here’s the clip:

Predictably, people took to Bravo’s site and Twitter to express their outrage that a failing designer of slutty bathing suits could make such an ignorant joke. Perhaps even more outrageously, people watch this show.

Lilly issued an apology, but frankly the whole thing seems overwrought. She was obviously joking, and even if it was in poor taste, the public needs to learn how to roll its eyes and move on rather than fall to f**king pieces every time someone vaguely famous says something stupid.

Besides, everyone knows you can’t get AIDS from wearing a dirty bathing suit. You get it from kissing. Also from Ryan White.

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