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How Many Yale Law Students Does It Take To Figure Out How To Pee?

In the ladies bathroom, Yale apparently has a ghetto bidet:

Dear [Lady Parts],

The second stall in the girls’ bathroom in the basement has been spraying water every time it is flushed for the past week at least. The last time I used it, I immediately lunged and pressed my body against the inside of the bathroom stall door, but that fountain of a toilet still sprayed me. As a result I had water droplets all over the lower half of my skirt, and was so embarrassed that, rather than returning to fed tax, I retreated to building services until the water spots dried. How should I handle that stall the next time it is the only one available and the coffee I just downed is coursing through me?

-Sprayed and afraid

I’ve mentioned that we’re talking about the best law school in the country, right? Not the public restroom at Grand Central.

Dear Sprayed & Afraid,

This has been a problem, off and on, for years, as far as I can tell. I think you should just avoid that stall at all costs. Some things at the law school are mysterious, and the structural idiosyncrasies of the restrooms apparently constitute a huge category of such things. I’m not sure there is anything to be done about the toilet itself, so just treat this one traumatizing instance as a lesson and next time insist on waiting for another stall.

Oh, and why on earth was building services your clothing-drying location of choice?

–[Lady Parts]

Agreed, the girl should have just gone back to class, sans-skirt. Dude, it’s tax, there would have been only one or two people awake to see it.

Really, there’s only one thing left to say: THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AT HARVARD LAW SCHOOL.

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