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Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Professional Balloon Twister

Can you make this? I didn’t think so.

Our latest career alternative for attorneys is definitely outside the box. It’s not like, say, going into finance, or consulting, or even writing and blogging. It’s really different.

We’re talking about balloon twisting. Yes, that’s right — like the kind of you see at children’s parties, or done by street performers. In fact, today’s profile subject earned extra money during law school by performing as a balloon twister on the streets of Boston….

Meet Todd Neufeld, founder of the Twisted Balloon Company. Todd tells the story of how he went from balloon twisting to the bar exam, and back again to balloon twisting, to Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg:

As a non-practicing lawyer myself, I’m not surprised that Neufeld still gets asked why he left the world of intellectual property law to pursue balloon twisting. Many people can’t fathom leaving a (relatively) stable field like law for the vagaries of something more creative.

But based on Neufeld’s interview, in which he reveals how much a balloon twister can earn at a high-end event, it sounds like he’s doing just fine for himself. And how many lawyers can say that they’ve been to the White House to twist balloons for two presidents?

It sounds like Neufeld’s career as a balloon artist has truly popped — in the good sense. He didn’t follow the straight and narrow path, but the twists his career has taken have been truly rewarding.

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