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A Law School Scarier Than The Job Market?

Students at Hofstra Law noticed a curious sign posted in a stairwell door the other day. Apparently, Hofstra’s maintenance staff is well-versed in combating the forces of the netherworld and closed the stairwell after noting a spike in their PKE meters.

I guess it makes some sense. Hofstra is only about 20 minutes from Amityville, which is best known as the city that inspired a terrible Ryan Reynolds film, and evil like that is hard to keep down for long.

And a little further away there’s a house that is haunted “as a matter of law,” so New York knows what it’s talking about when it comes to hauntings.

Check below the fold for the Hofstra Law ghost warning sign in all its glory….

This morning I emailed Hofstra Law and asked for any further information, “either who the pranksters are or what Sumerian deity inhabitants your stairwell.” The school has responded on their Facebook page explaining:

Some of you may have seen this sign posted at the Law School. Have no fear; this was only a student prank. Hofstra Law encourages both the supernatural and the prankster.

Sure, that’s what they all say. The truth is out there, my friends.

So please keep Hofstra students in your thoughts. The rest of us aren’t haunted by law school until after we graduate.

Sign In Law School Makes Being In A Building Full Of Future Lawyers Even More Terrifying [HappyPlace]

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