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Bar Brrr: Missouri Bar Exam Gets Snowed Under

Doesn’t this road just scream ‘Let’s go take a bar exam’?

So, in case you haven’t heard, they’re having a bit of weather in the middle west today. It’s bad. The climate Gods continue to be angry at us.

The impending snowstorm didn’t stop the good people of Missouri from trying to hold their February bar exam today. Because, I mean, just because we can make some predictions on what’s going to happen with the weather doesn’t mean we should do anything about it or adjust our plans in any way.

For at least one group of students, the infrastructure couldn’t cash the check the Missouri Board of Law Examiners wrote. Their power went out during the bar….

First of all, here’s the message from the Missouri Board of Law Examiners that seems to say, “You couldn’t pass the July bar, so you can all go eff yourselves”:

February 2013 Bar Examination

The February 26 and 27, 2013 bar examination will be administered as scheduled although inclement weather is forecasted to impact the Midwest beginning February 25. It is still uncertain how Jefferson City will be affected. The Missouri Board of Law Examiners urges applicants to use caution while traveling. If you intend to postpone sitting for the examination, review Regulation 3 of Rule 8.07, which outlines the requirements to postpone.

You know, if the Missouri BLE really cared about people being safe while traveling, they wouldn’t be forcing people to sit for the bar during a major snowstorm.

In any event, things did not go well in Jefferson City. From a tipster:

FYI power just went out here, thankfully after finishing the morning portion, probably due to all the snow. We’ll see what happens if it doesn’t come on before the afternoon section starts….

Still no power. Told to come back at 2pm. No way for us to handwrite either, the room is in the basement of a crappy hotel and its pitch dark.

What, was the local barn not available?

Look, we all know that the February bar exam is the red-headed step-child of bar exams. But forcing people into a blizzard today lacked foresight. What is the point of having sophisticated weather prediction thingies if the people on the ground don’t know how to be flexible?

Good luck, Missouri friends.

Latest snowstorm to blast Midwest leaves at least 3 dead [Los Angeles Times]

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