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Recent Law Graduate Returns To Campus, Causes A Scene, Is Reportedly Taken Away In Handcuffs

Honestly, I’m surprised this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often.

Tipsters report that a recent graduate returned to his law school campus and proceeded to throw some kind of tantrum. One source alleges that the recent grad was seen “knocking over security guards” and was eventually led away in handcuffs, shouting at students on his way out.

And this isn’t even the most shocking security breach that has taken place at this law school over the years, because sending out an alert to beware of the guy who allegedly throws a fit is a lot better than sending out alerts about the guy who is masturbating in the law school library….

Today’s drama took place at Albany Law School. Here’s the student alert sent out by Albany Law Dean Penelope Andrews:

To Faculty, Staff and Students:

I regret to inform you that this morning there was a confrontation outside the West Foyer Lobby with an alumnus of the School, Mr. Peter Caschera. Our public safety officers acted quickly and swiftly to control the situation. As those of you who were a witness to the confrontation know, the City of Albany police were called and Mr. Caschera was escorted off campus. We apologize if you found the confrontation discomforting. The School has requested that Mr. Caschera not return to campus. We are asking that the entire community be aware of what he looks like (a picture is attached) and if he is seen on campus UHA public safety should be contacted immediately at 244-3177. You should not confront Mr. Caschera.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Penelope (Penny) Andrews
President and Dean

Yeah, you can see Caschera’s mug shot on the next page.

Googling Caschera will lead you to some good times. Courthouse News Services has this story on what’s been going on in Caschera’s life in 2013:

An Albany-area attorney asked a court to order her former law school intern to take down defamatory online reviews of her work and not to post any new ones.

Attorney Jean M. Mahserjian claims her former summer intern, Peter Caschera, defamed her under a string of aliases after a dispute over wages in 2010 precipitated a two-year campaign that damaged her reputation and cost her business.

Here was an Albany Law student who was actually able to get a summer job in the dessicated wasteland of the 2010 job market, and so angered a local attorney that she’s now been moved to sue him? Students trying to get summer jobs in Albany must love this guy.

It also appears that between college and law school Caschera opened a Vespa dealership. Is that right? This must be a really proud moment for the Albany Law admissions office.

Oh, wait, all those guys in Albany’s admission office that were around whenever they admitted Caschera have disappeared. I guess now we know why.

Dean Andrews didn’t respond to our request for comment, but the story of Peter Caschera is tame by Albany Law standards. Do you remember this story from the summer of 2011:

At the time of that masturbatory event, a tipster said: “Albany Law needs to get its act together. Anyone can just walk into the school or library without showing ID.” Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

But don’t get me wrong: a recent grad throwing a fit on campus is way better than a random person jacking it in the library. Albany Law should highlight this kind of progress in their school brochures….

UPDATE (8/2/2013): Peter Caschera contacted us with a response to this post:

My response to this article is very simple; not only does it have misinformation, but it skews facts, and uses language that paints a very different picture than what actually happened. Further it tries to link events that have no correlation or causation. This article was written to attract the reader into a fantasy so as to sell itself. Above the Law is nothing more than a blog, or a light online news service at best. It is provocative so as to get more hits so that it can sell more advertising on its site. There were no handcuffs, and there was no “tantrum.” I was simply asked to leave because the teacher wanted less students in her class and I was auditing rather than taking it for credit. Further that is not a mug shot of me, nor did I “knock over security guards.” Although I must admit, the last lie does a number to boost my self esteem especially since I haven’t been to the gym in years!

(Flip to the next page for Peter Caschera’s photo….)

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