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Adventures in Gold Digging: Soros Case Welcomes a New Lawyer

A couple years back, Brazilian TV star Adriana Ferreyr, 29, filed a $50 million lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend in question is George Soros, known as a billionaire financier to liberals and Lord Voldemort to conservatives. Everyone agrees that the suit grew out of the couple’s breakup and Soros’s refusal to buy her a $1.9 million apartment (or a subsequent $4.3 million pad she found). He also gave the apartment that Ferreyr claims she picked out to another woman (new fiancée Tamiko Bolton), because Soros rolls like that.

To channel Kanye, I’m not saying that she’s a gold digger, but this image sums up the relationship. After seeing that picture, well, to paraphrase Jules from Pulp Fiction, that would have to be one very charming pig.

Now Ferreyr has hired a new high-profile lawyer to pursue her claim for the $50 million she’s obviously owed for dating a billionaire….

Ferreyr has hired William Beslow to take over her case. Beslow, a Columbia Law grad and Davis Polk alum, has quite the reputation as a celebrity divorce lawyer, being named one of the “10 Lawyers You Don’t Want To See Across the Divorce Settlement Table” by Business Insider. He’s represented some high-profile jilted celebrities including Mia Farrow, Linda Evangelista, Marla Maples, and Demi Moore. Here, Celebrity Justice can explain it all to us:

But in this case, Beslow doesn’t have a real marriage contract to rely upon. And the case is factually precarious when you boil the claim down to, “I was betrayed because while I was so in love with my New York area resident boyfriend, he wouldn’t buy me a multi-million dollar apartment where I could live separately from him.” While Ferreyr is banking on the perception that $1.9 million or even $4.3 million is chump change to a billionaire, it exposes a certain “#richpeopleproblems” mindset that anyone could unabashedly assert a legal claim that their boyfriend owed them a luxury co-op. And it’s a waste of our legal resources that we indulge this. She also alleged that Soros got abusive, which is disputed, and that is a different matter, but the point remains that going into court complaining about the apartment at all is embarrassing for the legal system.

Beslow will face off against William Zabel the eponymous founding partner of Schulte, Roth & Zabel. Zabel has his own experience in high-profile divorces, for example representing Jane Welch in her divorce from GE’s Jack Welch.

If Beslow is successful, why marry money when you can get a legally secured settlement for free. Stedman may want to give Beslow a call.

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