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Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Bike Dude

Ryan Steinman

The handsome fellow at right is named Ryan Steinman. He used to be an associate at a leading law firm, but now he’s a professional BikeDude™.

Steinman traded securities law for cycling. He’s an instructor at SoulCycle, which is one of the hottest fitness crazes in the entire country.

Let’s learn more about Ryan’s professional journey — and, while we’re at it, check out a shirtless photo showcasing his ridiculously good body….

I first heard about SoulCycle from a fellow legal journalist, Robyn Hagan Cain, who described it to me as “amazing.” And she’s not alone in that view. Its celebrity devotees include Lady Gaga, Katie Holmes, Kelly Ripa, Chelsea Clinton, and J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler.

So what the heck is SoulCycle? Ryan Steinman explains all, in this interview with Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg Law:

Ryan Steinman (via Soul Blog; click to enlarge)

Good for Steinman for leaving a lucrative career to pursue his passion — even though he still has student loans. And it seems his legal career was going well for him too. Last year, Steinman was recognized by the National LGBT Bar Association as one of 40 top lawyers under 40.

But just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you enjoy it. Congratulations to Steinman on his exciting new career — and on his recent wedding, too!

P.S. Steinman mentions that his career switch was prompted in part by a greater sense of perspective that came from being married. I wonder if marriage brought financial freedom as well? When young journalists ask me for career advice, I leave them with two words: “Marry rich.”

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